Kendal’s Climate Change Citizens’ Jury hears from Chris Stark, Chief Exec of UK Committee on Climate Change

Session two of Kendal Citizen’s Jury took place on the 16th July, when the 20 jury members received an introduction to climate change from Chris Stark, Chief Executive of the UK committee on Climate Change (CCC).

CCC is the public body tasked by the Climate Change Act to be the independent authority on tackling climate change. Chris leads a team of analysts and specialists, offering expert insight into the challenges of reducing UK emissions and adapting to the changing climate.

In 2019, Chris led the CCC’s work to recommend a new ‘Net Zero’ target for the UK – now brought into law. He speaks regularly on the transition to a zero carbon economy and the need to confront climate change with urgency.

Chris spoke to the jury for 15 minutes before answering questions from individuals. Watch the full presentation.

While the jury members met privately to debate their questions for Chris, Jemima Longcake of the jury oversight panel took the opportunity to interview him. In this video interview he is introduced by oversight panel member Chris Rowley of Kendal Town Council.

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Date: 20 July 2020