Kendal looks set to become a greener town after a raft of measures were voted through by the Town Council.

The Town Council voted in favour of projects including:

  • Maintenance and improvements to the Alphabet Trail in Serpentine Woods
  • Commitment to improving footpaths in and around Kendal to increase active travel
  • Biodiversity grants for groups and individuals carrying out work in these areas
  • Ongoing works to support the recommendations of the Citizens Jury including supporting food shares, repair cafes and growing
  • Lobbying to introduce 20mph speed limits across the town to make it safer and friendlier for people to walk and cycle, especially school children
  • Dark Skies project to reduce light pollution and to help fund more appropriate lighting in certain area
  • Funding to improve Bowling Fell access and improvements
These projects will be funded by small rise in council tax which equates to £2.50 a year for a house in Band D.

Councillor Eamonn Hennessy, Chair of Kendal Town Council’s Environment and Highways Committee, said: “The projects we have identified are key to us being able to carry out the recommendations from the Citizens Jury, improve biodiversity, as well as improving public spaces in the town. We’re proud of our town and hopefully these steps will make it an even cleaner, friendlier and safer place to live and work.”

Councillor Giles Archibald, Vice-Chair of Kendal Town Council’s Environment and Highways Committee, said: “We face two enormous crises – climate change and biodiversity loss. On the same day that we held our meeting, the government published its Climate Risk Assessment. My comments at the meeting were that this report shows the seriousness of the issue.We face substantial risks to our environment, our infrastructure and our health’.

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