What should Kendal do about climate change?

After weeks of listening to Climate Change experts (see presentations here) and debating the information shared about energy, transport, food and political leadership; members of the Kendal Climate Change Citizens Jury have agreed 27 recommendations to answer the question ‘What Should Kendal do about Climate Change?’. 

The recommendations are summarised below. Read the full recommendations via this link.

The final summary report, available here, details the process and recommendations of Kendal’s Climate Change Citizens Jury. The report references an Evaluation Summary which can be accessed here. 

Thanks to crowdfunder supporters, SLDC funding and the skills and generosity of Land & Sky media, a short film featuring Jury members has been created, please click on the image below to view it.

Supported by facilitators Shared Future and co-ordinated by Kendal Town Council, the Jury have focused on key areas that if achieved would see Kendal become a ‘shining light’ of positive climate action. The expert presentations demonstrate how Jury members arrived at their conclusions. 

 The Jury members reflected Kendal’s community and the recommendations cover aspects of daily life where changes would benefit both the environment and the health and wellbeing of residents. 

The next step for Kendal’s Citizens Jury is a Recommendations Panel where organisations will be invited twice a year to share progress and best practice and develop partnership approaches to climate challenges. The Recommendations Panel will be chaired by Kendal Town Council who will share progress reports whilst developing their own action plan to implement recommendations. 

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Words of encouragement from the Crowdfunder campaign

“We see it as a fantastic opportunity to empower the local community. As a small business we rely on a thriving town and the citizens’ jury will help.”

Miller Clear Architects

“This is a great idea. The best solutions to the climate emergency will be the ones we discover together as a community.”

Celia Forsyth

“Pleased to see Kendal taking the Climate Emergency seriously and engaging local people to develop solutions that are sustainable.”

Annabel Burn

“Let’s make this the first of many in this country.”

Jonathan Noblett

“Tackling climate change is essential for the future of our planet. Think globally, act locally.”


“A citizens’ jury is an excellent example of democracy in action, a bottom up approach. A jury on Climate Change is of vital importance just now.”

Jane Willis

“A good initiative that I hope will get more people thinking seriously about what they can do to help combat climate change”

John Nash

“We know to make any impact on human behaviour regarding ecological collapse and climate emergency we have to work together.”

Beetham Holiday Homes

“We are more than happy to support you with such an important issue”

Penningtons (Kendal) ltd

“I value this opportunity for members of the community to listen, discuss, reflect and advise on this most vital and urgent issue of the effects of climate change on our world.”

Elizabeth Jones

“Fully supportive of a citizens jury, really hope this happens and that we collectively and locally find a way to live more sustainably.”

Tommy Burnett

“One practical way in which politicians could explore the public mandate for action and develop meaningful policy solutions is through greater use of deliberative processes such as citizens assemblies. Rebecca Willis – Kendal Mountain Festival agree with this.”

Kendal Mountain Festival

“Good to see Kendal and Cumbria leading the way ”

Annette Hennessy