Support a film for change

There’s an urgent need for change. Here’s something you can do to help.

Kendal Climate Change Citizens Jury has been a huge success and we are committed to making sure the time and dedication of the Jury is honoured and results in positive changes in Kendal. The Citizens’ Jury has brought together both passion and an evidence base through deliberation. We want to ensure that our jurors’ voices are heard.

We want to raise funds to create a short film to promote the Jury’s recommendations and engage the key organisations they call upon for change.

Kendal Town Council have allocated a further £2000 to fund this next phase of the project to continue the work of the jury and ensure the recommendations have the best possible chance of being actioned.

The Crowdfunder campaign will support both the creation of the film and the opportunity for jury members to promote and engage with key organisations to influence change.

Support the Crowdfunder campaign